Kevin Waters An Academic Portfolio


Hello, welcome to the website!

The site serves two purposes. The first is a portfolio of some of the work that I wish to share and the second is as a organized and documented repository for others who are struggling with similar problems that I have encountered. In research there are many obstacles that are encountered, but the end product is typically only a publication with a very narrow scope. The tools and learning that is associated with each project is typically withheld and never sees the light of day. This is where I have chosen to bring these to the public and I hope they can aid others.

I will be posting research, analysis, code, teaching documents and other things related to my professional career on the website. Feel free to browse around and utilize the resources. Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

There are many elements of the site that are still under construction, but feel free to browse around where there are completed and semi-completed elements.